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About us

NIKOLANTONAKIS & PARTNERS is a dynamic and specialist practice. Our expertise has been developed over our 10 years existence to meet the ever-increasing demands of our clients in a highly competitive and increasingly regulated world. Our multi – disciplinary approach to legal issues whether domestic or international has become a profession – wide benchmark.

NIKOLANTONAKIS & PARTNERS collaborates with numerous professionals who provide quality services regarding banking finance, Architectural advice, Accountants, Insurance Brokers, house construction and renovation etc

NIKOLANTONAKIS & PARTNERS have successfully completed more than 1.000 transactions for clients that employed us from Greece, G. Britain, Norway and Germany.

Kostas Nikolontonakis

Born on 1971 in Chania. He studied at Athens’ Law University. Finished studies on 1994. He was registered with the local Lawyers’ Bar in 1996...

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Eleni Orfanoudaki

Born on 1975 in Chania. She studied at Thraki Dimokritian Law University. Finished studies on 1999. She was registered with the local Lawyers’ Bar in 2001...

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